How to Choose the Best Vegan Protein Powder to Fuel Your Workouts

Most plant proteins are incomplete and don’t contain all of the amino acids your body needs. (We’re looking at you, rice protein and hemp.) If you want the best, high-quality plant protein powder, your options are limited -- but they do exist. Read More

Why The World Health Organization Approves of Carrageenan

According to the World Health Organization, carrageenan is safe and does not present any risk of digestive problems, liver cancer, inflammation, bowel ulcerations, or birth defects. Here's how science debunked a myth about a fake toxin. Read More

The Healthiest Oatmeal Recipe: Overnight Oats

If you're looking for a healthy oatmeal recipe that is also a grab-and-go-meal, then overnight oats are the perfect solution for anyone looking for a delicious blend of protein, carbs, and healthy fats.  Read More

4 Ways To Make Your Diet More Effective

5 Tips From Pro Runners to Help You Run Faster

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The Peak Performer's Guide to Alcohol and Fat Loss

The rules of alcohol and fat loss start simple: one drink is no harm to any weight loss goal. But, beyond that amount, it becomes a slippery slope of how much, how often, and what you can do to ensure that what you eat after you drink doesn't become your enemy. Read More

How to Keep Your Mind Right and Boost Willpower (In and Out of the Gym)

Decoding the Diet: The Truth About Lectins

Here's What A Juice Detox Will Really Do To Your Body

If you’re looking to cleanse your body, investing in a juice to “detox” your kidney or liver is a complete waste of money. The only way to improve how your body “cleanses” is through different variations of fasting. Otherwise, all juice cleanses are based on fake science that ignores the way your body works and removes toxins. Read More

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What the Best Trainers and Nutritionists Look For In Safe Supplements

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Is Protein Pudding the Tastiest Diet Hack Yet?

Which Sources of Protein Are The Best?

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What's The Beef With The Carnivore Diet?

3 Pro Tips To Train Around Shoulder, Back, and Knee Injuries

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Collagen Protein: The Good, The Bad, The Overhyped

If you’re looking for collagen to boost your workout or lead to faster fat loss, don’t believe the hype. Collagen will work just as well as any other protein -- but you’ll pay a lot more for it (without any added benefit) and need to take more if it because collagen has a weaker amino acid profile. But, if you’re hoping for healthier skin, joint health benefits, and potentially some help fighting inflammation, then the right collagen product could be exactly what you need. Read More

The Benefits of Creatine: 7 Reasons Why It'll Upgrade Your Health

Creatine is one of the most researched, safe, and effective nutrition ingredients, with more than 500 published studies. It’s naturally produced in your body, naturally found in food, has never been linked to any type of overdose that results in death, does not cause kidney problems, and helpful for both men and women. Its benefits include improving exercise performance, increasing endurance, building muscle, strengthening bones, and protecting your brain. Read More

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Should You Take a Multivitamin?

The Protein Guide (And How to Upgrade Your Diet)

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Are Fat Loss Pills Worthless?

If you want to lose weight -- and keep it off -- taking fat loss pills is the least effective approach. That said, if you’re looking for a small boost to help your body burn fat, there are a few ingredients that might help. In particular, caffeine, Coleus Forskholii, and Yohimbine, have evidence that supports their ability to assist with how your body burns fat -- just don’t expect those ingredients alone to create change.

Read More

Why The Health Benefits of Coffee Are Better Than You Thought

Many people consider coffee a guilty vice -- but the guilt isn’t earned. Coffee is considered one of the true “super foods,” as it is linked to many positive health outcomes, such as fighting against cancer, protecting your arteries, improving brain health, and helping exercise performance. Despite once being considered a health threat, in 2016 the World Health Organization removed coffee from its list of dangerous (carcinogenic food) and -- at the same time -- designated coffee as protective against liver and uterine cancer. Read More

Is Sugar Toxic? Here's What the World's Best Nutritionists Want You To Know

Sugar consumption has decreased significantly over the last 20 years, and yet obesity has continued to climb. Science strongly suggests that sugar is not the cause of obesity, but eating too much sugar does contribute. You don’t need to completely remove sugar from your diet to be healthy (sugar is in many fruits and vegetables), but being aware of where it’s hiding is your best bet to clean up your diet, feel better, and help fight weight gain. Read More

Why Nutritionists Changed Their Stance on Saturated Fat (And What It Means For Your Diet)

Eating saturated fat does not increase your chance of getting heart disease. But, saturated fat can still increase cholesterol levels, which causes other health problems. You can enjoy saturated fat in moderation, but your body doesn’t need saturated fat, meaning you don’t have to add it to your diet. Read More

How to Build Muscle: 4 Proven Techniques That Work

If you’re struggling to build muscle, the best way to spark growth is by using a few techniques that go beyond just counting sets and reps. You grow muscle in 3 different ways (tension, stress, and damage), so it’s best to manipulate variables that increase any of those factors -- or all of them. Some of the best techniques are supersets, drop sets, wave training, partial reps, and the pre-exhaustion technique. Read More

Are Probiotics Worth the Hype?

We know that probiotics are good for your gut health, but it’s still unclear exactly how they are helping you. Science shows that probiotics only have clear, guaranteed benefits if you have a condition -- such a medically diagnosed problem -- that requires help. Otherwise, many of the benefits of probiotics for gut health are speculation. However, there is strong research to suggest that probiotics can help improve your immunity and fight disease. Read More

Is Your Diet Creating a Food Allergy?

The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology says there is “no relationship” to consuming a large quantity of a food and developing an allergy. Adult-onset food allergies are rare, but they do exist. However, the allergies are caused by other medical factors, meaning you shouldn’t worry about eating your way to an allergy or sensitivity. Read More

How Many Reps to Build Muscle? Follow This Approach

Building muscle is less about special exercises or the “perfect” rep range, and more about taking a balanced approach to your training program. There are 3 primary methods of building muscle, and those 3 methods are best utilized if you combine low reps (1-5 reps), moderate reps (6-10 reps), and high reps (12+ reps). Adjusting these variables -- over time -- is the best way to gain muscle and maximize your genetic potential. Read More

Does Eating At Night Cause Weight Gain?

When you eat is not as important as how much you consume or the foods you choose to enjoy. Your body does not store more fat at night -- or any time or hour of the day. And your metabolism does not slow down in the evening hours. Weight gain (and loss) is more directly affected by what you eat and how much. Read More

3 Ways to Make Every Abs Exercise You Do More Effective

In order to see the results from your abs exercises, it’s important to consider how you perform each exercise. There are 4 steps to make every abs exercise more effective, that includes: establishing tension, creating stability, adding speed (and intensity), and activating your glutes. When you apply these four tactics, you’ll find that every exercise becomes more effective. Read More

Is Cardio The Best Way To Lose Fat?

There are many effective ways to lose fat, including cardio. If you’re looking for the most efficient way to lose weight, resistance training might be a more effective solution for helping you achieve your goals. However, if you’re not a fan of weights, you can still drop pounds effectively, it might just take a bigger investment of time per week performing exercise. Read More

The Best Weight Lifting Machines For Your Workout Goals

Despite their bad reputation, weight machines offer many benefits that barbells and dumbbells can miss. While you don’t need to use machines, there’s nothing wrong with including them in your workout. Not to mention, if you avoid all of them, there's a good chance you're ignoring equipment that could help you see the results you want, help prevent injury, and provide a way to help you do a better job of helping you “feel” muscles working that are hard to activate. Read More

Is a Ketogenic Diet Right for You?

A ketogenic diet can be effective for several medical conditions (such as autoimmune disorders), but the idea that you eat more fat to burn more fat is misleading. When you are in ketosis (eating, generally, less than 30 grams of carbs per day), your body will burn the fat you eat as fuel. But, just because you burn more fat you eat does not mean you burn more fat on your body. Read More

The Carbs Guide: Build Muscle, Lose Fat, and Fuel Performance

Contrary to popular belief, carbs do not make you fat (eating too many carbs -- just like eating too much of any food -- is the problem). Research shows that the “Blue Zones” -- the areas in the world where people live the longest -- tend to follow higher-carb diets. Your best bet is to experiment with how many carbs you can tolerate, so you can understand what works best for you. Read More

6 Vegan Smoothie Recipes

Making a smoothie can be one of the healthiest choices possible for your lifestyle goals, but it can be hard to know what your body needs. These 6 recipes remove the guesswork and give you a natural boost of protein that is great for your post-workout meal, or as a snack, meal replacement, or dessert. Read More